See the title of this post – “Have you heard of liquid limestone?”. I have no doubt that many of you out there will never heard of liquid limestone. For those who know what it is, then you’re only a few handful of people. By the way, feel free to correct me by commenting on this page. If you know about it already, then feel free to stop reading further because I will briefly explain how I come to know liquid limestone.

I came across liquid limestone when I wanted to vamp up my outdoor area. I have just installed a patio and had  brand spanking new pool put in. The next step was to put paving around the pool. At first instance I was thinking of just plain cement paving. Then a friend of mine said “why don’t you use liquid limestone?”. My immediate response was, liquid what? Yep, I had no idea what it was. My friend kind of laughed and pulled out her phone to show some images of liquid limestone used on her uncle’s property. To cut the long story short, liquid limestone is a special cement mix with limestone. It enhances the properties of cement alone. One of the most popular feature is that it’s cool to walk on in summer. How “cool” is that! No pun intended!

Anyways, here’s an example on how it looks like:

Example of Liquid Limestone

                Example of Liquid Limestone

How cool does it look? Pretty good huh? That’s what I thought. You can look at more examples of liquid limestone at

There’s also a forum where people are talking and discussing about it here.