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Reminiscing my Graduation Day

I had just been to my nephew’s graduation from high school yesterday and I must say that graduations these days are nothing compared to graduations in my time during the 80’s. When I graduated from high school in 1984, we wore white togas, a graduation gown which we wore on top of our formal clothes, and a cap with a tassel. The tassel was placed on the right side of our caps before the ceremony, and after shaking the hands of the school director and the principal and receiving the certificate we were asked to place our tassel on the left side of our cap. I liked that part because it made me feel important. I remember doing graduation rehearsals  onstage during our AP time everyday for two weeks. During my graduation, there were only a few speeches made by the school director, the principal, and the valedictorian. Only the members of the glee club performed a song. To cap the event, everyone sang the school’s alma mater. There were around 250 of us so by the time everyone’s name was called to receive their certificates, many of us couldn’t wait to have lunch. Traditionally, families go out to celebrate graduation by having lunch together with extended family members like grandparents, aunts uncles, and cousins.

What I remember with fondness is that every time a friend of ours is called to accept his or her certificate on stage, we would wildly cheer and applaud for them, deliberately breaking the rules of proper applause told to us during rehearsals. We were graduating and we couldn’t care less of school rules. Teachers gave us dagger looks and the principal had to remind everyone to behave themselves. When it was my turn to be called on stage, I was given a thunderous applause and it seemed like it went on for a long time. My brother told me during lunch that he was so proud to hear people cheering for me. He never thought I’d be so popular as I am normally quiet and unassuming at home.

My Roof Repaired and Looking Fabulous!

In my last post, I talked about the revamping of my outdoor area with liquid limestone. Well, I also wanted to share the makeover my old roof. Basically I had a roof repair job done and partially restored. It made a dramatic change to the aesthetic of my house. In fact, I got it evaluated and the value of my house went up a notch! So for those out there thinking of getting your roof done, don’t think twice about it! It is absolutely worth it. The proof is in the pudding.

The roof is one part of the house, in my opinion, often neglected. I think this is the case because it is normally in accessible. How many of you actually been up the roof? I’m not surprised if the majority of you out there haven’t walked on the roof area. I don’t blame you because you tend to need a ladder to get up there. Many of us are not trades people so we don’t tend to have a ladder lying around. For those of us who own a ladder probably lack the height required for some roof.

To tell you the truth, I noticed some of the tiles were broken – which was evident even from a far distance. Upon closer inspection, many more needed the same sort of attention. After talking to some friends who recently got theirs done. I decided to do the same. Although the actual cost of getting the roof repaired and partially restored is relatively high compared to other renovations around the house, it was certainly worth it in my eyes. The increase in property value was a big surprise. I mean, I did know it will increase in but not by the amount that it actually did.

My old roofing was aged quite a bit, approximately 25 years. So this recent repair should make it last for another 20-30 years. Overall, I was very happy with the job done and definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to give their house a new look or to increase the value prior to putting it on the market for sale.

Have You Heard of Liquid Limestone?

See the title of this post – “Have you heard of liquid limestone?”. I have no doubt that many of you out there will never heard of liquid limestone. For those who know what it is, then you’re only a few handful of people. By the way, feel free to correct me by commenting on this page. If you know about it already, then feel free to stop reading further because I will briefly explain how I come to know liquid limestone.

I came across liquid limestone when I wanted to vamp up my outdoor area. I have just installed a patio and had  brand spanking new pool put in. The next step was to put paving around the pool. At first instance I was thinking of just plain cement paving. Then a friend of mine said “why don’t you use liquid limestone?”. My immediate response was, liquid what? Yep, I had no idea what it was. My friend kind of laughed and pulled out her phone to show some images of liquid limestone used on her uncle’s property. To cut the long story short, liquid limestone is a special cement mix with limestone. It enhances the properties of cement alone. One of the most popular feature is that it’s cool to walk on in summer. How “cool” is that! No pun intended!

Anyways, here’s an example on how it looks like:

Example of Liquid Limestone

                Example of Liquid Limestone

How cool does it look? Pretty good huh? That’s what I thought. You can look at more examples of liquid limestone at

There’s also a forum where people are talking and discussing about it here.

First Car First Problem In Life

Randomness is what I said right? Well this post is about my first ever car that I owned. Here’s the thing, I thought getting a car is straight forward (apart from saving enough money to buy one of course which can be very challenging). But after buying it, it presented with so many problems.. problems that will eventually cost me mega $$$$ well relative to my income at that time of course.

How long did it take for me to save for my first car? Let just say quite a while. If you’re blessed with having enough in the bank – then all I can say is freakin’ lucky you! But I do think the majority of people will have very little saved up for buying their first car. A loan will be out of the question as many won’t have a stable job to even qualify for one.

Long story short… got the car is what is the first thing I do? Well get it detailed of course! Why? Well I had some left over money as I bargained the owner to lower the price. Looking at some before and after pictures form some website like this random one that I saw: .. made me want to get one to transform my “pride and joy” that worth a couple of grand to something that looks like a million dollars! Well as close to it as possible. You know exactly what I mean. Was I happy with the decision? Let’s just say so-so.. why? Not because the finis substandard, but I could of saved a lot of money by getting off my backside and do it my self. Sigh*

Well the car detailing bit was not the real problem I faced. What what the real problems? Well, I didn’t really want too much as I am still trying to recover from it. Let’s start off with a broken gear box.. damage is thousands of dollars. Can I ask my mates for the costs.. of course not, they will just say to me.. “your car your problem!”. But they are happy to go for a ride.

Moral of this post.. maturity is sometime learned the hard way!

Life Is A Crayon…

Here’s the thing… Life, in general is pretty much like a box of leftover chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get next. But such is life. The Crayon Wrangler might sound kiddy but it’s far from it. In fact, it is everything about my life. So here goes.. my first ever post to kick things off for this blog of mine.

Just like my life… I might post one thing one day and two things the next. Randomness is what keeps me in order. If you know what I mean!